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Ordering boards from PCBPartner is very easy. Just log in to the PCBPartner online PCB quotation platform and you can easily get it done.
Example of PCB Gerber Simulating

best free gerber viewer online

If you work with PCB manufacturing files, try our free online Gerber viewer. Free to Use for all PCBpartner.com Users.
Rigid-Flex Board

High Quality Rigid Flex PCB Board

Combining the best features of rigid and flexible PCBs makes it easier for manufacturers to install PCBs in tight spaces. The added flexibility enables manufacturers to precisely and easily manipulate the board during installation.
Aluminum PCB

aluminum pcb manufacturing process

We commonly use aluminum substrates in LED lights, and their application is becoming more and more widespread.
aluminum pcb board for led

Introduction Of Aluminum PCB Board For LED

Aluminum PCB is widely used in the LED lighting industry. General lighting applications (Streetlight, Flashlight, Spotlight, etc.)
PCB Design

How To Design A PCB Board

PCB prototype boards have developed from single-sided to double-sided, multi-layer, and rigid-flex PCBs, and still, maintain their development trends. So, how to design a PCB board?
gold finger pcb

Where to find a Quality Gold Finger PCB Factory

Gold is chosen for these fingers as it has the highest corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity after Copper and Silver.
Single sided PCB

Where are single sided pcb boards used?

PCB is a board used to electrically connect electronic components. A Single Sided PCB is the most basic type of printed circuit board.

pcb without silkscreen how to Assemble

The silkscreen layer is the top layer of the PCB and serves as a reference indicator for placing components on the PCB. which can help users during the assembly. It is used to mark component values, part numbers, test points, polarity, etc.
Rigid PCBs

PCB where is it found

PCB where is it found,PCB’s have changed and simplified the use of many electric appliances. From a desktop computer to high-end medical equipment, PCB’s are now simply everywhere.
Flying probe tester

How pcb is made

The PCB manufacturing process can be achieved in a variety of ways and there are a number of variants. Despite the many small variations, the main stages in the PCB manufacturing process are the same.

Why pcb is green?

Although modern PCBs can be red, white, blue and many other colours, the vast majority are still a traditional green.Why are circuitboards traditionally green?

KINJI Is Looking For Sales Representative And Business Partner

KINJI Electronics is one of China’s leading supplier of printed circuit boards (PCB) since 1997.

Three advantages of Kinji PCB production

With the rapid development of interconnected information, it is not difficult to find an excellent PCB manufacturer through the Internet.
kinji news

What are ICOW and ICAM?

ICOW is a tool that can automatically convert file to Gerber in batches and support multiple PCB file formats. ICAM1 is an automatic PCB data review system.

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