KINJI Is Automated PCB Manufacturing Plant

The construction area of the phase-1 factory is about 5,0000 square meters, and the construction area of the second phase is 60,000 square meters, with more than 600 employees.Focus on single layer, double -sided, and multi-layer PCB design, research, development, production and sales.Kinji owns annual production capacity of 1.4 million square meters with a wide range of applications in consumer electronics, intelligent IOT, industrial control, security and other industries.

We Introduced High-end Production Equipment To Ensure The High Reliability Of Products

In order to meet the increasing speed of PCB design and the changing trend of sophisticated products, we hired high-end process engineers with high salaries, introduced high-end precision drilling equipment, exposure machines, etc., and adopted three-stage etching lines, which effectively reached the best domestic process standards.

Nowadays, we can produce BGA boards with a standard of 3mil line width and line spacing, and pads as small as 0.25mil. At the same time, 1-40 layers of boards can be produced with guaranteed quality and delivery.


Production Equipments

Multilayer plate lamination machine

Multilayer Plate Lamination Machine

Automatic material cutting equipment

Automatic Material Cutting Equipment

Taiwan Dongtai Drilling machine

Taiwan Dongtai Drilling Machine

Vertical PTH

Vertical PTH

Automatic LDI exposure machine

Automatic LDI Exposure Machine

Taiwan jingming electroplating line

Taiwan Jingming Electroplating Line

Automatic arm robot (six axes)

Automatic Arm Robot (six axes)

Screen printing equipment

Screen Printing Equipment

CCD automatic exposure machine

CCD Automatic Exposure Machine

Automatic printing machine

Automatic Printing Machine

CNC routing machine

CNC Routing Machine

Automatic Testing Machine

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Ingenuity Quality & Strict Testing

Automatic production equipment + complete testing equipment +IATF 16949 quality system standard, before shipment using automatic electrical test or flying needle test, eliminate all open circuit, short circuit, to ensure that each board is a good product.

Testing Equipments

Aperture Hole Number Checking Machine

X-ray Machine

V-cut residual thickness measuring instrument

V-cut Residual Thickness Measuring Instrument

Automatic appearance inspection machine

Automatic Appearance Inspection Machine

Flying probe test

Flying Probe Test

Automatic electric testing machine

Automatic Electric Testing Machine

Two-dimensional Measuring Instrument

ROHS detector

ROHS Detector

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