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KINJI is committed to meet customers’ personalized needs and provide cost-effective solutions, and provide global customers with high-quality online and offline services.



Integrate PCB Supply Resources In China

KINJI Group was established in 1997 and headquartered in Shenzhen. It has more than 20 subsidiaries and offices domestic and overseas. Its PCB business department is dominated by PCB production, sales, and software design.

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Large-Scale Production

We continuously improve the scale of production, insist on product technology innovation and high-quality PCBs manufacturing.


Production Ability

1-40 Layers Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing capability.


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Countries and regions delivered

Countries and regions delivered

Satisfied customers

Satisfied customers

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Daily orders

On time delivery

On time delivery

Our Offerings

Explore the latest product additions

Power Thick Copper Plate

plateLayers: 10Layer
Board thickness: 1.6mm

Gold Finger

Layers: 8Layer
Board thickness: 1.6mm


Layers: 8Layer
Board thickness: 1.6mm

Rigid-flex Board

Layers: 6Layer
Board thickness: 1.6mm


PCBs For Industrial Electronics

Meters (Water meters, Gas meters, Electricity meters), Electromechanics industry (Electric tools, Motor drive, Servo motor, Step motor, Motorcycle), Battery protection board, Inverters (Photovoltaic inverter, wind energy and water energy inverter), Instruments & Equipment (Test instrument,measurement instrument, rail transport, heating equipment etc.)

PCBs Used For Safety And Security Applications

Access control, surveillance camera, DVR, NVR, smoke detection, security alarm, etc.

PCBs Can Be Used In Wide Range Of Consumer Electronic Devices

Major appliance,Home appliance industry (air conditioning, refrigerator,TV, remote control, kitchen appliance, beauty instrument), Audio and video industry (amplifier, speaker, projector, DVD, player, microphone), Computer industry, Intelligent wearables devices (Smart watch, TWS headset, Ar / VR), Toy industry (high-end toys, drones etc.)

PCBs Has A Wide Range Of Applications In Automotive Electronics

System of Car Control (car’s main control system, Chassis and vehicle control systems, Body Control Module, Electronic Control Unit (ECU), car dashboards, car lamp etc.)

The Use Of PCB In Power Electronics

Power industry, charger, adapter, communication power supply, mining machine power supply, PC power supply, TV power supply, LED driver etc.

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