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July 27, 2022

  View your Gerber files

You can use this viewer to help confirm that your Gerber data looks correct before sending it for manufacture. Just find your files in Windows explorer and drag them onto the viewer.

  Gerber Viewer by PCBPartner

Upload your files and order boards in minutes with PCBPartner self-service platform.

We review the file for issues with our DFM.

So there are no extra costs after you checkout!


Gerber file view supports Gerber274x, Excellon, ODB++ and IPC-2581 formats


Layer management

Auto recognize layers (silkscreen, solder mask, copper, solder paste, inner layers)

PCB simulating

generate a simulating preview for your PCB, real-time update by different color setting and surface finish, support output high resolution PNG format.

Example of PCB Gerber Simulating

  Gerber Viewer Online

iPCB-DFM – Intelligent PCB DFM (Design for Manufacturability) Gerber Software by PCB Partner

  •   Layer
  •   Dimension
  •   Minimum trace space
  •   Minimum trace width
  •   Hole diameter
  •   Drill slot
  •   Throught-hole annular ring
  •   Hole distance
  •   Hole to trace
  •   Copper to edge
  •   Special holes
  •   SMD size
  •   Via in pads
  •   Test Point
  •   Component solder pads number
  •   Via density
  •   Surface finish area (%)
  •   Rout length of travel
  •   Grid wiring
  •   Solder mask
  •   Fiducial Point
  •   SMD pad size
  •   SMD pad space
  •   BGAs

DFM (Design for manufacturability) analysis of incoming Gerber files is a standard and important process in any PCB factory.

iPCB-DFM’s purpose is to perform this process automatically to find potential production issues with your PCB design, saving time and effort for you the PCB designer, and the PCB manufacturing engineers who are going to produce your PCB.

Based on 25 years of PCB manufacturing experience, we have a massive collection of PCB DFM rules built into this software, allowing it to analyze up to 24 kinds of specifications.

It also has powerful features such as quick panalization, PCB simulation view, direct Gerber editing, and can even help you count how many SMD pads in your design!

Why do you need iPCB-DFM?

If you’re an electronic engineer, you don’t want to send your PCB Gerber files for manufacturing without checking that your design and file formats match your factory’s production capability; If you are a purchasing manager without much knowledge of PCB manufacturing processes, this tool can help you better understand the specifics of the PCBs you are ordering, making it much easier to communicate with PCB suppliers.

If you work with PCB manufacturing files, try our free online Gerber viewer.