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PCB Resources Integration, Complete Product Range

We have introduced a large number of advanced equipment, mature technology into our factorirs in Shenzhen , Suzhou, and Jiangxi.

There is a complete PCB supply chain around the factory, with convenient procurement of raw materials, concentration of PCB talents, fast logistics and complete supporting facilities, which provide a basic guarantee for on-time delivery.

Products include multi-layer rigid boards, flexible boards, rigid-flex boards, as well as various types of boards made of special substrates such as Teflon and metal bases. They are widely used in computers, communications, networks, industrial control, automobiles, medical, etc. industry sector.

  • Complete PCB supply chain

    Complete PCB supply chain

  • Professional PCB talents

    Professional PCB talents

  • Variety of products

    Variety of products

Provide PCB CAM Software Service

After years of accumulation, KINJI has independently developed the first PCB intelligent CAM (Computer AidedManufacturing) software in China — IPCB, which can efficiently deal with complicated PCB industry subdivision and achieve the coexistence of intelligence, cost reduction and efficiency.

All production preparation activities from product design to processing and manufacturing, including CAPP, NC programming, man-hour quota calculation, production planning, resource demand planning, logistics related to all processes (processing, assembly, inspection, storage, transportation) monitoring, control and management.

It not only solves the problems of actual production preparation and reduces manufacturing labor costs, but also helps enterprises improve product quality and shorten production cycle.

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